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Immune Health
Microbiome Support
2017/01/15 - BBI - Effects of DHA on the Microbiome and Behavior
2016/02/15 - IJO - Omega-3 FAs Prevent Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis and Later-Life Obesity
2015/11/11 - WJG - Gut Microbiota and Host Metabolism In Liver Cirrhosis-Review
2015/09/09 - F1000R – FA and Microbiota Regulate Energy Metabolism
2015/08/27 - LipidT - EPA with Probiotic Bacteria to Dampen Inflammatory Response
2015/06/06 - SciR - Microbiome Interaction Mediates Effects of Omega-6 and Omega-3 FAs
2015/05/27 - DigDis - Diet, Bile Acid Metabolism, Gut Microbiota, and IBD
2015/01/01 - GutM - Excessive Fish Oil Can Prime Offspring to Harbor Intestinal Pathobionts
2014/09/09 - ARS - Fish Oil’s Antioxidant Capacity and Mitochondrial FA Oxidation
2014/07/01 - ISSFAL-Researchers Confirm “Gut Instinct” of Omega-3 Anti-Inflammatory Effects
2014/06/06 - JPB - Omega-3 PUFA and Possible Link with Change In Microbiota Composition
2014/05/12 - EJLST – Increased Immune Response with Omega-3s and Bacteria/Probiotics
2014/01/01 - PLoSO - Parental Omega-3 FA Intake on Offspring Microbiome and Immunity
2013/09/09 - JImm - Parental Dietary Fat Intake Alters Offspring Microbiome And Immunity
2013/08/28 - BJN – Omega-6 PUFA Diets Induce Intestinal Microbial Dysbiosis in Aged Mice
2013/05/15 - AJPG–Dietary Oils Modify Host Immune Response and Colonic Tissue Damage
2013/03/06 - PLoSO - Fish oil Attenuates Omega-6 PUFA-Induced Dysbiosis and Infectious Colitis
2011/01/26 - FroP - Microbial Induction of Immunity, Inflammation, and Cancer