Omega Research
Cancer Research Children's Health and Development Diabetes Environmental Concerns Female Health and Reproduction Immune Health Inflammation Lifestyle and Healthy Living Mental/Neurological Health Organ-specific/Physiology Plant-Based GLA (Borage) Benefits Plant-Based Omegas Purity/Safety Considerations Somatosensory System Veterinary Research / Canine & Feline & other Vitamin A Research Vitamin D Research Vitamin E Research was created by a leading fish oil manufacturer to facilitate and educate healthcare professionals
and individuals interested in using fish oils to improve health.

Using, you can stay up to date on the ground- breaking research in areas such as heart disease,
diabetes, cancer prevention, reproduction, children's health and the many aspects of health affected by chronic inflammation.

With over 8,000 clinical trials, Omega-3 fish oil is one of the most researched substances in modern medicine.