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Veterinary Research / Canine & Feline & other
2013/04/04 - JVIM – Potential Adverse Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Dogs and Cats
2012/04/12 - Lipids - Maintenance of ARA and Evidence of Δ5 Desaturation in Cats Fed GLA and LA Enriched Diets
2012/03/02 - CCEV - Nutritional Management of Osteoarthritis
2011/10/15 - AVS - Dietary Omega-3 FA and Rapid Inclusion into Membranes in Dogs
2008/01/21 - Lipids - SDA May Have Utility As A Plant Based Source Of Omega-3
2008/01/01 - IJP – Cod Liver Oil Increases Healing Of Gastric Ulcers in Rats
2008/01/01 - RBZ – Essential Fatty Acid Metabolism in Dogs and Cats
2006/12/12 - JAVMA - Essential and Unique Dietary FA Requirements of Cats
2006/11/01 - VCNASAP - Nutrition and Osteoarthritis in Dogs: Does It Help?
2006/09/01 - JN – Omega-3 FA Dose Affects Plasma Fatty Acid Profile Of Dogs
2006/09/01 - JAVMA - Facilitative And Functional Fats In Diets Of Cats And Dogs
2006/07/01 - JN – DHA Accumulation Pre and Post Weaning
2006/01/01 - NRC - Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats
2005/01/29 - ICNS - Nutrition can impact the achievement of genetic potential in the puppies
2004/08/08 - AJVR – FA and Insulin Sensitivity and Myocellular Lipid Content in Cats
2004/08/01 - JN – Maternal Diet Does Not Increase DHA in Canine Milk
2004/06/01 - JSAP - Effect Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids On Canine Atopic Dermatitis
2002/06/01 - JN –There Is A Quantitative Relationship Between Diet And Tissue Fatty Acids In Dogs
1997/11/01 - PNS - Fatty Acid Metabolism In Domestic And Wild Cats