Bed sore is one of the main problems for people confined to bed for long time and cannot move. According to the fact that prevention is easier and cheaper than therapy, in this study the effect of fish oil ointment on the improvement of first stage bed sore was assessed.

This study was carried out on two groups with 30 patients that had bed sore on shoulders, sacrum or heel. In the intervention group patients' position was changed every 2-3 hours and the bed sore was washed with water and cotton-wool and fish oil with thickness of 2-3 mm was applied on the place of sore. This method was used for seven days. If they improved, the method was stopped in the first days of procedure. At the end of seven days, again the first day checklist was completed, and it was compared to the questionnaire of the two groups, and analyzed separately according to the daily changes of intervention and control group.

There was statistically significant difference between the average of changes in the size of sore of the study group and control group (p < 0.002). The time average of improvement in the intervention group was less than control group.

Local use of fish oil could increase the improvement of first stage bed sore and increase in vessels, blood and oxygen supply of the place of sore.