A recent study has investigated the beneficial effects of fish oil supplementation and atherosclerosis. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial involved 162 patients with confirmed atherosclerosis. Half the patients were given 6 grams of fish oils per day for three months while the other half were given 6 grams per day of placebo capsules containing a fatty acid composition resembling that of the average European diet. After three months the dosages were reduced to 3 grams/day for a further 21 months. Angiograms were taken at the start of the trial and at the end of the two-year study period. At the end of the treatment twice as many of the patients in the fish oil group (16) showed regression of their atherosclerotic deposits when compared to the placebo group. Three patients in the placebo group suffered a nonfatal heart attack during the 2-year period as compared to only one in the fish oil group. Seven patients in the placebo group had a cardiovascular event (heart attack or stroke) as compared to only two in the fish oil group. The researchers conclude that fish oil supplementation may be beneficial for atherosclerosis patients and is safe and well-tolerated.